syne (norwegian), n., 1. Sight; 2. Call; snye n. Canadian (chiefly Ontario). 1. a backwater. 2. a side-channel, esp. one that later rejoins the main stream. 3. a channel joining two rivers.; syne (scots), adv., 1. Before now; ago., 2. Afterward; since then; since., 3. Thereupon; next.; snye n, 1. (Physical Geography) Canadian a side channel of a river.; nice shot, ey!



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nsey is an art-project by Martin Koch & Peter Runkewitz, about all day life looked at from an extraordinary perspective.


This is about our fantastic, melodramatic, exaggerated, understated, quiet and very noisy vision of life as something full of different shapes, tones and colours that we all explore daily.


One of the more strong topics thriving our enthusiasm in this project is the subject of human behavior. Like waves at a beach a never-ending source of inspiration, in which we take a bath, (regularly and literally).


We welcome collaboration, If you get the impression there is something we should work on together, let us know