syne (norwegian), n., 1. Sight; 2. Call; snye n. Canadian (chiefly Ontario). 1. a backwater. 2. a side-channel, esp. one that later rejoins the main stream. 3. a channel joining two rivers.; syne (scots), adv., 1. Before now; ago., 2. Afterward; since then; since., 3. Thereupon; next.; snye n, 1. (Physical Geography) Canadian a side channel of a river.; nice shot, ey!



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Until mourning comes! - luck turning into bad luck - it’s called fate when it’s supposed to be negative and it’s called luck when it’s supposed to be positive.


Luck and fate - that’s the space Martin Koch and Peter Runkewitz are exploring in their first collaboration.


Luck lies within the opportunity of being conscious of one’s actions and connects to the likewise probable bad luck in the process - which is a paradox in the end.

In spite of this, we go ahead Until mourning comes! - luck and bad luck - the contrast of being alive - again and again and again.

Until mourning comes!